2024 Kawasaki KX™250X

2024 Kawasaki KX™250X
Lime Green
MSRP: $8,999.00
Manufacturer: Kawasaki
Condition: New


The championship-proven technology of KX race machines has now been tuned for off-road competition. Purposely designed to take on tough off-road conditions, the KX250X motorcycle delivers the edge to ride ahead. No matter how technical the terrain, lead with confidence on the KX250X.



Dual Injectors
The Kawasaki KX™️250F was the first mass-production motocross bike to feature Dual Injectors. One injector is located downstream of the throttle valve, where injectors are located on standard FI systems, and a second is located upstream of the throttle valve, close to the airbox. The two injectors split their roles: operating at different rpm ranges, they ensure both smooth, instant response at low-rpm and high peak power at high-rpm. For cases that call for low-rpm operation like instantaneous acceleration off the start and precise control when cornering, primary operation falls to the downstream injector. Because it is positioned close to the combustion chamber, sprayed fuel can be supplied to the engine quickly, resulting in sharp response. Conversely, when high power is the priority, primary operation switches to the upstream injector, which focuses on high-rpm applications. Its location farther away from the combustion chamber means that the fuel has a longer travel time. This allows more time for the fuel particles and air to mix, as well as allowing the mixture to cool and condense. This means that when more power is needed, the cylinder can be filled with a greater quantity of high-quality mixture.
Launch Control Mode
In motocross racing, getting a good start is critical. A few tenths of a second can make the difference between getting the holeshot or not. In slippery conditions, getting the maximum drive from a motocrosser requires precise control of the both the clutch and throttle. Launch Control Mode helps riders get a good start by complementing high-level technique with engine management. Featured on a mass-production motocrosser for the first time on the Kawasaki KX™450F, the system activates a separate engine map designed to get a more efficient start off the line. The system is designed to the same specifications as that used by our factory racers competing in the AMA Supercross and Motocross championships. Launch Control Mode is activated simply by pressing the button on the handlebar. The Launch Control map slightly retards ignition timing to help tame the engine's strong torque and reduce wheel spin off the start. Launch Control Mode is only active in the first two gears after the launch, disengaging and returning to the standard engine map automatically once the rider shifts into third gear. The system gives riders a great advantage when lining up at the gate and puts them in a better position to win.
Proper fit is key for rider comfort and control. However, the ideal fit varies from rider to rider, depending on their physical dimensions and riding style. ERGO-FIT® is an interface system designed to allow riders to find their ideal riding position. Various points of the chassis interface (the handlebar, footpegs and seat, etc.) can be adjusted through a combination of interchangeable parts and parts with adjustable positions. This enables a wide range of riders to find a riding position that offers both comfort and control. Feeling at one with their machine, they will be able to experience how Kawasaki machines are fun and rewarding to ride. *Adjustable parts and their range of adjustability vary by model.


4-stroke single, DOHC, liquid-cooled
Bore X Stroke
78.0 x 52.2mm
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
DFI® with 44mm Keihin throttle body and dual injectors
Digital CDI
5-speed, return shift, with wet multi-disc manual clutch
Final Drive
Electronic Rider Aids
Launch Control Mode


Front Suspension/Wheel Travel
48mm inverted telescopic coil-spring fork with 23-way compression damping and 20-way rebound damping/12.4 in
Rear Suspension/Wheel Travel
Uni-Trak® with dual-range (2.25 turns high speed/21-way low-speed) compression damping, 38-way rebound damping and adjustable preload/12.4 in
Front Tire
Rear Tire
Front Brakes
Single semi-floating 270mm Braking petal disc with dual-piston caliper
Rear Brakes
Single 240mm Braking petal disc with single-piston caliper


Frame Type
Aluminum perimeter
Rake & Trail
27.8°/4.8 in
Overall Length
85.4 in
Overall Width
32.3 in
Overall Height
49.6 in
Ground Clearance
13.0 in
Seat Height
37.2 in
Curb Weight
230.1 lb* without fuel / 240.2 lb*
Fuel Capacity
1.64 gal
58.3 in
Color Choices
Lime Green
Not Available
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional)
Not Available


Power and Performance

  • Race-Ready Power Engine maps are optimized for cross-country racing, delivering the ideal amount of useable power.
  • Smooth Running The downdraft-style intake layout, optimized intake valves and piston deliver efficient cylinder-filling and combustion for peak performance. On the exhaust side, an extended header pipe contributes to strong low to mid-range torque which adds to the off-road performance of the KX™250X motorcycle.
  • SMOOTH TRANSITION Based on feedback from Kawasaki’s factory racing efforts, a longer first gear in the transmission makes it easier to use in a greater number of situations. Also, a fine-tuned second gear offers a smooth transition from first to third gear.
  • Quick Starting Being able to restart your engine quickly can be the difference between keeping your lead or having to fight your way back through the pack. Electric start makes restarting the engine as easy as pushing a button.

Advanced Technology

  • SMOOTH & CONSISTENT The coned disc-spring hydraulic clutch is designed to provide a more consistent feeling through minimal change in clutch play as the clutch heats up during heavy use. Coned-disc springs make for light clutch actuation and a wide clutch engagement range.
  • Your Choice Contributing to the race-winning engine characteristics, the digital fuel injection system of the KX™250X features a coupler package that has set the industry standard. Each KX™250X motorcycle comes standard with three different couplers, easily allowing riders to select pre-programmed fuel injection and ignition mapping to suit their riding style or track conditions. The four-pin DFI® couplers select maps that are designed for standard, hard or soft terrain settings. Changing the engine map is as simple as connecting the coupler cap of choice.
  • Fine-Tuned Performance For riders looking to fine-tune their ECU settings, the KX™ FI Calibration Kit (Handheld) is offered as a Kawasaki Genuine Accessory (sold separately) and provides access to the fully programmable ECU. Used by the factory race teams, the handheld device eliminates the need for a trackside laptop and gives riders the ability to create custom maps for precise adjustment of fuel and ignition settings. The user-friendly device can store up to seven preset maps and is PC-compatible.
  • First Off The Line The Launch Control Mode of the KX™250X cross-country motorcycle is a major advantage and favorite for riders who are focused on being first off the line. With the simple press of a button, riders can activate a separate engine map designed to ensure efficient race starts in low-traction conditions.

Cross-Country Handling

  • LIGHT & NIMBLE The lightweight aluminum perimeter frame contributes to the KX™250X motorcycle's quick handling, confidence-inspiring stability, and slim ergonomics.
  • Smooth Performance A high-performance KYB 48mm inverted coil-spring fork and Uni-Trak® rear suspension comes directly from the KX™250. Front spring rates and damping settings tuned for the cross-country scene offer increased feedback, especially when riding on challenging trails.
  • Superior Traction The KX™250X motorcycle is built to meet the tough demands of off-road racing. Cross-country wheels (F21"/R18") are paired with Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires so riders can get the off-road edge. An oversized 270mm front disc contributes to strong front brake force and a high level of control and the 240mm diameter rear disc offers performance for controllability and total riding confidence.

Racing Ergonomics

  • Get The Perfect Fit Class-leading ERGO-FIT® adjustability allows riders to tailor the motorcycle to their body size, riding style, and preference with four-way adjustable handlebar positions and two footpeg positions to choose from.
  • Renthal® Fatbar® Handlebar A factory-style aluminum Renthal® Fatbar® handlebar comes standard. With grips positioned low and close to the body, riders can shift their weight forward more easily to improve front-wheel traction and handling on rugged, off-road terrain.
  • Move As One Slim radiator shrouds are positioned close to the frame to facilitate grip for the rider's legs.
  • KX™ Bodywork The top of the fuel tank features a design that allows a flat progression from the seat to the tank. The result is great freedom of movement when changing riding position. The seat features a slip-resistant top surface and smooth sides for an excellent balance of grip and mobility.

Signature Design

  • Premium Finish Stand out from the rest with aggressive KX™ styling. All the bike's bodywork, from the front fender and front number plate to the shrouds, side covers, and rear fender are covered in Kawasaki Green. Complementing the aggressive green styling, the KX™250X bike features blacked-out rims and a gold finish on the oil cap and generator cover plugs for a premium look.
  • BREAK THE MOLD In-mold graphics on the shrouds result in an ultra-smooth surface, greatly extending the life of the race-style graphics.

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